Learning about different organisations and industry types; what they do and what keeps them awake at night holds lots of appeal for Emma. Satisfying her natural curiosity, it also helps her to understand the different needs that organisations have and to distil the kind of talent that fits them best.

Getting this mix right is a driving force behind Emma’s commitment to her work. She understands that it can be a big moment for candidates as they take the next step in their career. And the same can be said for leaders and teams in organisations who are looking for the right person to fill the role of employee, team member and colleague.

Emma finds being a part of the Worklife team is a great fit. She loves the diverse perspectives that she and her colleagues can bring to the table, and the fun and teamwork they share. An important ingredient in their collective success, says Emma is that they truly care about their work; helping organisations make progress on their strategic goals through finding the right talent, and taking the time to get to know the capabilities, hopes and ambitions of candidates so they can find the right role.

Outside of work, juggling a number of priorities along with a bit of adventure is Emma’s sweet spot. Whether it’s being a mum to her three kids, being active in the outdoors, or preparing for a Board of Trustees meeting for her local community school, having lots on the go, keeps Emma energised and focused.

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